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City Announces Rebranded River Romance Weekend and Opening of Pedestrian Bridge Downtown

By Staff –

The new Erie Harbor Promenade Pedestrian Bridge is now open and what has been known for years as The River Romance weekend is now ROC the Riverway Weekend.

Mayor Lovely Warren made those announcements Tuesday touting the city’s multi-million dollar redevelopment efforts along the Genesee River Corridor.

The new bridge—part of the nearly completed $4.5 million Promenade at Erie Harbor Project—connects the Promenade to court Street.

The ROC the Riverway Weekend will now be associated with the City’s redevelopment efforts and will run from Friday, October 5 thru Sunday, October and will feature dozens of events and activities officials say are designed to “highlight the historic significance, natural beauty and economic potential of the Genesee River in Rochester.”

“With ROC the Riverway, we are assembling a puzzle that is going to create a beautiful new picture along the Genesee River through Downtown, and the Erie Harbor Promenade Pedestrian Bridge represents a major piece of that puzzle,” Warren noted. “The Genesee River is a powerful force running through our city, but its true power lies in the stories it has to tell. ROC the Riverway Weekend is an opportunity to experience those stories and learn how this mighty river has shaped the history of Rochester.”

For a full schedule of the ROC the Riverway Weekend activities, visit: