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City Asks Residents to Hit “Pause” on Sprucing Up Neighborhoods

Staff reports

The city is asking residents to pause on neighborhood beautification projects. Photo by Patti Singer for Minority Reporter Media Group

As tempting as it is to join with neighbors and make your street pretty for spring and summer, the city is urging residents to put those efforts on pause.

“Now that spring has officially arrived, residents are anxious to spruce up their neighborhoods and begin preparing community gardens for the coming summer,” said Norman Jones, Commissioner of the City’s Department of Environmental Services.

“However, this is certainly not the time to ignore social distancing mandates. At this point, it’s still safest to stay at home as much as possible,” he said.

The city wants residents, neighborhood groups and community organizations to continue social distancing and delay neighborhood clean-up until stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and the greater Rochester area has been declared safe to reopen.

“While I love this city dearly, and I love to see it looking its absolute best, there will be plenty of time to beautify our community when it is safe to do so,” Jones wrote in a news release.

“Right now, the most important thing is protect yourself, protect your circle and protect those in our community who are most vulnerable to the ravaging effects of COVID-19.”

The Department of Environmental Services will support a variety of alternative clean-up and beautifying measures, including a series of mini-sweeps and assistance with community gardens, once the NYS on Pause Executive Order has been relaxed and daily operations and activities return to normal.

Residents will be informed when it is safe for neighborhood groups and organizations to resume normal gardening and clean-up activities.