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Rochester Targets Senior Hunger

By Staff


seniorsMayor Lovely Warren has announced the city will begin a targeted public information campaign to help senior citizens gain access to healthy meals.

“Our senior citizens have helped build our city into what it is today,” Mayor Warren stated. “By helping them live their golden years to the fullest, we will have taken another step in our efforts to create more jobs, safer neighborhoods, and better educational opportunities for the city of Rochester.”

According to Warren, the city will work with Foodlink, the Monroe County Office of Aging, LifeSpan and Legal Assistance of Western New York, to distribute healthy living guides to senior citizens, letting them know where they can find fresh produce in their neighborhoods, how they can apply for SNAP benefits, and what services are available to them.

“This is just the first step,” Warren said. “Our partners are dedicated to serving the citizens of Rochester, and helping them make full use of the services they offer. By continuing to work together, we can make sure all of our seniors have a high quality of life.”

According to the city, half of the 20,000 people older than 60 that Foodlink serves have said they’ve had to choose between buying food, and spending on other necessities such as medicine, utilities, housing or transportation. In addition, 24 percent of Foodlink’s overall client households have a member with diabetes.

According to research, many senior citizens either are not aware of the services available to them, or do not take advantage of them.

Senior citizens needing assistance can call the 211 help line for assistance, and agencies or individuals with questions about the information packets can contact the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services at (585) 428-6745.