Saturday 28 January 2023
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City Council Approves Funds For Mayor’s Performing Arts Center Study

By Staff


mayor_lovely-warren-300x1961 - newRochester City Council voted 8 -1 Tuesday to approve a proposal from Mayor Lovely Warren regarding a study to determine the feasibility of opening a new downtown performing arts center.

Mayor Warren’s plan proposed looking at the size of the theater, the cost of its construction, as well as its possible economic impact in the area.

“Rochester’s downtown gets more vibrant by the day, and a performing arts center has long been seen as an important anchor for continued development of our city center, and a catalyst to bring more jobs to city residents,” Warren stated.

The mayor said consultants Lincoln Center Global and Westlake Reed Lekosky would conduct the $211,000 study over a three-month period.

City council member Carolee Conklin had been the only “no” vote on the matter, and other council members debated whether the study was actually necessary, as well as where the money would come from to pay for the research.

Ultimtately, the council approved $30,000 for the study, while an additional $100,000 is slated to come from the state; $30,000 from the county, and $25,500 from the Rochester Broadway Theater League. RBTL may also commit another $25,665 pending its board’s approval of the funds.

In addition, although similar studies have been conducted regarding constructing a new theater downtown, Warren said those studies were different, in that they had been solely focused on RBTL.

She said it has not yet been determined when the study will begin.