Thursday 2 February 2023
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City Council Makes Decisions on Police Body Camera Vendor, Port of Rochester Operator

By Staff


bodycamerasRochester City Council has approved a vendor contract, from a company called MES Lawmen, to provide the Rochester Police Department with body-worn cameras, and the corresponding equipment, according to a city press release.

The RPD will buy about 500 cameras, and begin deploying them by July.

However, according to officials, the policies governing the use of the cameras are still being finalized.

MES will also help police build an infrastructure to store and manage the data.

Rochester’s city budget allocated $2 million to the RPD for purchasing the body cameras, and the U.S. Department of Justice has contributed $600,000 to the program.

In addition, city council chose SG Marina to be the operator of the new marina, following the redevelopment of the port of Rochester, at Tuesday’s meeting, and it has also approved a lease agreement for Sahlen’s Stadium between the city and David and Wendy Dworkin.

The Dworkins are currently in talks to purchase the Rochester Rhinos soccer team, which is currently under the control of the United Soccer League, after being mismanaged by the team’s previous owner.

The city has said its agreement with the Dworkins is dependent on the sale of the team, and if the couple purchases the team, the Dworkins will likely take over as the stadium’s management by Feb. 1.