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City Council votes to spend $30K for Additional Red Light Camera Study

redlight_camerasRochester city council has voted to spend up to $30,000 for an additional study into the effectiveness of Rochester’s red light camera program.

According to a report SRF Associates conducted in 2014, out of the 32 intersections at which the cameras have been placed, eight locations have experienced increases in total collisions; 22 have experienced decreases; and two locations have experienced no changes at all.

The city said it will use the money to look in to why the collisions increased at some intersections, and whether the devices could ultimately be connected directly to the county’s traffic signal system.

The council voted unanimously to approve the funding, and has again hired SRF to conduct the study.

California-based activist James Lissner works in opposition to red light programs across the country, and had this to say regarding the council’s vote, and SRF’s original study:

“My personal observation is that it’s just common sense that if the city wants to get a nothing-held-back opinion of its cameras, employing a local firm that depends upon a steady stream of city business is a less likely way to get it. Further, SRF conducted the initial study and, as my papa used to say, ‘A new broom sweeps clean.’”

The council held the vote Tuesday, Jan. 20.