Saturday 28 January 2023
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City Council Won’t Release Findings From Investigation Into Teen’s Claims He Was Assaulted By Officers

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Pressconference bryantCity Council has recently completed its investigation into Rochester teen Rickey Bryant’s claims that police brutally assaulted him after the Puerto Rican Festival last year; however, council members have declined to release their findings, Bryant’s attorney stated.

In April, City Council member Adam McFadden and Council President Loretta Scott submitted a proposal to subpoena Rochester Police Department records regarding the incident, in which Bryant accused police of pushing him off his bike, and using pepper spray and a Taser to subdue him before taking him into custody.

Prior to the altercation, Bryant’s family said he’d been falsely identified as a possible suspect with a gun.

“I appreciate what city council has done at taking a look at Rickey Bryant’s case, but I think more needs to be done here,” Bryant’s attorney, Charles Burkwit stated. “I think city council, they don’t want to share their findings, claiming civil rights law section 58 prohibits them from doing so, but that law only applies to the disclosure of personnel records of police officers. We are not asking them to disclose any personnel records of any police officers. We’re just asking city council to inform us of what the outcome of their investigation was. Did they agree with the police? Did they disagree with the police findings? What was inadequate about the police investigation, or what was adequate about it? We still don’t have any answers in the case of Rickey Bryant, and here we are over a year since he was assaulted. And, the family has no idea what the internal investigation yielded. We do not know what the professional standards section found, and we also do not know what the civilian review board found. So, you know, this system needs an overhaul, because, at a minimum, a complaining victim has the right to know what’s being done on their specific complaint.”

Burkwit gave the statement during a joint press conference with United Christian Leadership Ministry officials Thursday, in response to a statement Scott released earlier this week.

“We approve of City Council’s exercise of subpoena authority in focusing on the collection of information pertaining to Rickey Bryant,” UCLM president Rev. Lewis Stewart stated. “Historically, it is a first, and a first step, hopefully, toward improving a system which is in need of a structural overhaul.”

Although city council has decided not to release its findings regarding Bryant’s case, Scott said the council is committed to reforming the city’s civilian review board process.

“The council is committed to making the needed changes and reforms to bring increased transparency and improve this process as a whole,” she stated.

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