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City Eighth Graders Invited to Say What They’d Do “If I Were Mayor”

City eighth graders get to say what they
would do if they were Mayor Lovely Warren for a day. File photo

Mayor Lovely Warren set her mission as creating more jobs, safer and more vibrant neighborhoods and better educational opportunities.

She’s calling on city eighth graders to say how they would accomplish those things.

The inaugural “If I Were Mayor” essay contest invites eighth graders to write no longer than a 500-word essay that lays out their plan.

The essays must begin with, “If I were Mayor, I would … .” The essays will be evaluated based on ideas, creativity, clarity, thoughtfulness and proper use of grammar. Students are encouraged to research the mayor’s role in city government so the essay can be insightful and credible.

The winner will be honorary mayor for a day.

“I believe in the youth of our city, and I am counting on them to continue to work hard and take advantage of the many opportunities available to them, because they are the future of our city,” Warren wrote in a news release announcing the contest. “That’s why the ‘If I Were Mayor Contest’ is a great opportunity for city eighth graders.”

The top three essayists will have lunch with the mayor and have their pictures and essays posted on the city’s social media pages and website and published in the mayor’s quarterly newsletter.

Students can submit one essay. It must be double spaced and in 12 point type, Times Roman font. The essay has to have a heading with the student’s name, the name and address of the school and the teacher’s name. The essay must be submitted as a Word document attachment and emailed to: The deadline is March 2.

All entries will be forwarded to the New York State Conference of Mayors “If I Were Mayor” competition. Information on that contest is at