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Update: Cadillac Hotel Owners Postpone Tenant Evictions

By Staff –



(Update, May 30) – The owners of the Cadillac Hotel have decided to postpone closing the hotel until June 8, in an effort to help the displaced tenants of the building find new housing.

Residents and supporters recently protested, after plans to renovate the building initially mandated that the tenants move out by May 25.  

According to protest organizers, many of the residents are either homeless or they have been living in the hotel for decades.

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(From May 17) – The City-Wide Tenant Union of Rochester and the Homeless Union of Rochester recently rallied in protest of tenants at the Cadillac Hotel being forced to move at the end of the month, as DHD Ventures begins plans to renovate the building.

According to protest organizers, the tenants have currently been given notice to leave the building by May 25, and many of the hotels tenants are homeless or have been living in the hotel for decades.

“All residents who want to stay should be allowed to stay, and DHD Ventures can renovate the building around them,” City-Wide Tenant Union member Ryan Acuff stated.  “Those residents can move into newly renovated rooms as they become available. For those residents who want to move, they should be given the necessary time to move and find a new place to live. Some residents have lived there for over 20 years. The artificial deadline to move of May 25 is too soon for some residents who want to move, and is a homeless crisis of DHD’s own making.”

Currently, the groups are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state legislature to pass legislation that would end no-fault evictions, as well as stabilize rent across the state in order to end massive rent hikes.

“These basic tenant protections would end mass evictions that create homelessness and stabilize the affordability of our neighborhoods,” Acuff said.

A representative from Gov. Cuomo’s office has agreed to meet with the protesters next month in order to discuss the legislation.

This comes as part of a city-wide initiative that also includes Rochester’s New Poor People’s Campaign, as many groups have created a combined effort to combat the effects of poverty in Rochester.

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