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City: Gun Court Begins Next Month

By Staff


guncourtMayor Lovely Warren joined administrative Judge Craig Doran, Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks, Police Chief Mike Ciminelli, and others, Oct. 8, to announce the formation of a new gun court which will target crimes involving illegal guns.

Under Doran’s direction, New York State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moran will be in charge of the new court, which will have jurisdiction over all Monroe County cases in which Second and Third Degree Criminal Possession of a Weapon is the top count against defendants.

Currently, this accounts for about 200 to 300 cases each year.

“As we have faced increased gun violence in our city, I am very proud that our judges, district attorney and public defender have all joined with me, and local law enforcement, to develop and implement this innovative solution,” Mayor Warren stated. “Between all layers and levels of government, and across party lines, we work together in this community. This new court shows just how important that spirit of cooperation is, and how effective it can be. When it comes to gun violence, our community demands decisive leadership, and the victims of gun violence and their families deserve justice.”

Doran will also assign cases to gun court under Monroe County’s new Swift, Certain and Fair Program.

Officials said the pilot program has been designed to change the behavior of young people charged with gun-related crimes, ages 16 to 24, by placing them under the supervision of a probation officer. The program will begin with 16 defendants, and could be expanded if proven successful, city officials said.

“We are excited to announce that Monroe County Probation applied for, and received state funding to pilot a Swift, Certain & Fair Program in Monroe County,” Brooks stated. “I want to thank chief probation officer Bob Burns, and all of our partners who worked closely on developing this pilot program to reduce recidivism by showing offenders there are immediate consequences for their actions.”

Gun court is scheduled to begin Nov. 9.