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City Implements New Security Enhancements at City Hall

In the Community: City of Rochester News Release 

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In light of the increase in domestic terrorism and threats at public buildings across the nation, the City of Rochester is enhancing its security measures at City Hall for the safety of its visitors and employees. The new processes began Tuesday, Sept. 6.

“The safety and security of everyone who enters City Hall, whether for business, weddings, or Council meetings, is my utmost concern,” said Mayor Malik Evans. “We are aligning ourselves with best practices that are not only maintained locally at the Federal Building and Hall of Justice, but in cities across upstate including Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse. I thank our visitors in advance for your patience and understanding as we implement these proactive safety measures.”

On Tuesday, September 6, visitors to City Hall will pass through security screenings, including metal detectors and bag searches, at the Church Street entrance. Upon entry, visitors will remove all metal objects from their person before walking through the metal detector. Persons with non-visible medical devices should ask for a wand scan. No weapons are allowed into City Hall. Abiding by these protocols will ensure a smooth process for all, but City officials encourage visitors to allow extra time to enter the building.

City Hall’s B-building “Link entrance” on Fitzhugh Street will continue to serve as the handicap-accessible, employee, and delivery entrance. The other Fitzhugh Street doors will not be accessible for entry. In addition, the City’s policy requiring employees to wear visible identification badges at all times will be reinforced.

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