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City Offers Guide to Prepare Families If COVID-19 Hits Home

Staff reports

The city has released a plan to help people anticipate needs if COVID-19 strikes them or their family. Provided photo

If you or a family member were to get COVID-19, do you have enough masks and cleaning supplies, is the pantry stocked for a week or more and are there people you can count on to run errands?

If you had to be in isolation at home, how would you manage – given the layout of your house or apartment?

What about finances? Can anyone help with bills and do you know if you’d be eligible for assistance?

To help people figure out what they’d need – and need to do — the city has released the COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.

The plan can be downloaded at Printouts will be available at the testing sites in the city, meal distribution sites at R-Centers and schools, and at local businesses.

Businesses and organizations interested in printed copies can contact Emem-Esther Ikpot, Community Development Coordinator at (585) 428-8806 or at

“Every family should have a COVID-19 preparedness plan to ensure they are properly prepared and can keep their loved ones safe if the disease reaches their home,” Mayor Lovely Warren said in a news release announcing the plan. “As cases continue to rise in our community, each of us needs to be responsible and protect our circles. Having a COVID Preparedness Plan now is essential to keeping everyone safe until a vaccine is widely available.”

The mayor had been talking for a few weeks about the announcement of the plan, which was developed by the Race Equity and Leadership Rapid Response Team, Monroe County and other health and nonprofit organizations.

While some of the planning is specific to COVID-19, the overall idea can be adapted for other emergencies as it prompts individuals to think about how they would deal with a crisis.