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City Resumes Bulk Trash Collection

Staff reports

The city is resuming bulk collection the week of May 18, 2020. File photo

Starting May 18, the Department of Environmental Services will resume bulk refuse collection as part of the city’s reopening of services in the midst of COVID-19.

Normal trash and recycling pickup had not been affected. However, the city in early April suspended bulk collection to protect employee and public health. The city has not seen the level of illness initially feared among its DES employees and is able to reinstate bulk collection in addition to normal collection.

“I want to thank our residents for their patience and assistance during this difficult time,” DES Commissioner Norman Jones said in a news release. “It may take a week or two for us to catch up with all of the material people have stored. However, we will be working diligently to do so.”

Bulk items include furniture, tree branches and other large items that don’t fit in the toters. Garbage bags and other smaller items that can fit into the toters must be placed within them to ensure pickup.

The city still has neighborhood beautification on hold.

The city wants residents, neighborhood groups and community organizations to continue physical distancing and delay neighborhood clean-up until stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and the greater Rochester area has been declared safe to reopen.

The Department of Environmental Services will support a variety of alternative clean-up and beautifying measures, including a series of mini-sweeps and assistance with community gardens, once the New York on Pause executive order has been relaxed and daily operations and activities return to normal.