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City Seeking Proposals for Downtown Revitalization Initiative

By Staff


rochesterMayor Lovely Warren is seeking project proposals for the city’s submission to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $100 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI).

The program plans to invest $10 million into one downtown community, in each of the state’s ten economic development regions.

“Rochester is on the move, and on its way back, and we are seeking every opportunity to ensure that our future is as bright as our past,” Mayor Warren stated. “With the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, Gov. Cuomo is again demonstrating his commitment to our communities. Seeking the community’s input is just the first step in putting together a proposal that, if accepted, will help us create more jobs, safer, and more vibrant neighborhoods, and better educational opportunities.”

According to the city, the funds have been intended to transform downtown areas into more vibrant mixed-use neighborhoods, where tomorrow’s workforce will want to live, work, and raise families.

Each of the Governor’s Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) will nominate one downtown in their region, that is best positioned to take advantage of the DRI, the city said.

According to Warren, the city will be accepting proposals until 5 p.m. May 31, which must include quantitative descriptions detailing how the proposal creates, is in close proximity to, and enables access to the following:

Main Street Vibrancy and Iconic Riverfront Infrastructure

• Main Street foot traffic and first floor activity (retail, restaurant, or similar activity generator);
• Sense of place, walkability, and street level visual appeal;
• Improved downtown riverfront access;
• Improved use of an existing building or land;
• and market-rate or mixed-income housing.

Business Development and Investment

• New jobs created or increased entrepreneurship;
• Innovative business development or attraction strategies;
• Enhanced local property tax base;
• and private investment leverage.

Poverty Reduction

• Creation of accessible entry level, living wage jobs;
• Increased entry level worker job retention;
• Access to financial services;
• and quality mixed-income housing.

Quality of Life and Culture

• Recreation, parks, gathering spaces;
• Year-round social events for downtown residents and workers;
• Arts, culture and entertainment, including public art;
• Access to healthy and affordable food;
• Diverse, convenient, and active transportation options;
• and access to health care facilities.

The proposals will be reviewed by the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, and the mayor’s Office of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives.

According to officials, interested individuals should submit their proposals via email to Raul Salinas at:

Visit to review the FLREDC DRI Council’s nominating criteria.

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