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City Seeks Consultants For an Art Installation & Mural Program

In the Community: City of Rochester News Release

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The City of Rochester is seeking consultants to run a public art installation program and a public murals program. 

“Art in the public realm should reflect the experience of the public it serves,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said.

“By hiring local artists to create works of public art, we will cultivate the power of the arts in our neighborhoods and expand the network of professional artists and practitioners working in our city.”

The City has issued two Requests for Proposals (RFP) seeking consultants to work with city artists to create murals and other works of art for public spaces in city neighborhoods, including R-Centers, parks and playgrounds, libraries, schools and City-owned vacant lots.

Proposals must be submitted by September 12, 2022. A pre-proposal meeting will be held Aug. 18. 

One program will focus on murals; the other on other forms of public art including sculptures, interactive art and functional art such as bicycle racks and benches. 

Consultants can submit proposals for one or both RFPs. The City’s Percent for the Arts funding is contributing $100,000 to each program. Consultant fees cannot exceed $20,000 for either program. The remaining money will pay a series of artists to create and install the art works. 

The consultants will administer the projects from concept to completion, from issuing the calls for art; convening a selection jury; awarding and managing the artist-contracts, and managing the installation. The concepts for both projects were developed in partnership with an advisory panel of local artists and members of the arts community called the Arts and Creative Community Committee (AC3). 

“Empowering Rochester artists to strengthen the arts in Rochester will advance our efforts to create a hope-filled city with an exciting future,” said Evans.

To view the RFPs or to learn more about the City’s arts initiatives and Percent for the Arts program, visit