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City Seeks Developers for Inner Loop Project

By Staff


innerloopThe city has announced a request for proposals for developers to purchase and develop up to five sites on Union St., as part of the redevelopment of the eastern portion of the Inner Loop.

According to officials, the city is seeking the best use for the sites, and plans that will demonstrate the best financial capacity to undertake the proposed projects.

The RFPs’ development guidelines must, in part, include the following:

  • Forward-looking yet acknowledge context and scale of urban Rochester, in general, and the East End neighborhood in particular;
  • publicly accessible open/green space;
  • a connection to, reinforcement of adjacent neighborhoods, and public spaces, especially Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park and the future expansion of Strong Museum of Play;
  • buildings that are truly urban;
  • appropriate scale bulk and massing;
  • variety in building massing and facades (the goal is to prevent monolithic structures);
  • active first floor spaces;
  • and reinforcement of the East Avenue retail corridor with retail space.

Interested individuals must submit one complete electronic copy of the proposal, as well as ten hard copies, by no later than 4 p.m., Friday, May 13, to the address below.

Anne DaSilva Tella, Associate Administrative Analyst
City of Rochester
30 Church Street – Room 005A
Rochester, New York 14614

The $22 million Inner Loop project is scheduled to conclude in December 2017.

Visit for additional information regarding the RFP.