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City Sends Letters to Announce Property Reassessments

Rochester is starting a year-long process
of reassessing property for tax purposes.

The city of Rochester Bureau of Assessment is starting the year-long process of reassessing all property for tax purposes.

Letters with property inventory reports will go out through June 14. Property owners are asked to check the reports and contact the Bureau of Assessment before June 28 if information is incorrect or outdated.

In July, the city will begin its review of property data and valuation. New estimated assessments will go out to property owners in November and December of this year.

Property owners will have some time to review or appeal their estimated assessments. The new values will be implemented when city and school tax bills go out in July 2020 and for Monroe County tax bills mailed in January 2021.

The goal of the 2020 revaluation is to ensure property assessments reflect current market values.

More information is available at