Thursday 8 December 2022
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City Summer Programs for Safety, Health and Learning

By Staff

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The City of Rochester has beefed up its summer opportunities for both children and adults.

With June being Gun Violence Awareness Month, Mayor Malik Evans has introduced the City’s suite of programs designed to provide the community with activities focused on safety, health, and learning.

“Summer is a time for children to be children and create memories that will last a lifetime,” said Mayor Evans. “But we also have to recognize the reality that for many city students, the summer break carries an increased risk of physical inactivity, learning loss and exposure to violent crime. Our summer programming creates safe havens where children can keep their bodies moving and minds sharp while fully experiencing the joy of summer.”

These programs are in response to studies showing the learning gap of students from low-income families and those from middle- and high-income families, getting wider during the summer break. The study also showed that parents in high crime neighborhoods are less likely to encourage their children to go outside and engage in physical activity, due to the fact that crime increases when the weather gets warmer.

Having a background with the Rochester Board of Education, Mayor Malik Evans is committed to using city resources to reverse these trends.

The Department of Recreation and Health Services Summer Programs begin July 5th, with a daytime schedule of 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Activities included in these programs are youth development, youth and adult sports, aquatics, nature activities, education/ enrichment, theater and visual and fine arts programs.

These programs will take place in local libraries, recreation centers, parks, meetups etc. around the city. A full list of programs being offered can be found in the 24-page Recreation Center Guide. A digital copy of this guide can be found at