Thursday 2 February 2023
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City to Recycle Christmas Trees

Photo by Lisa Fotio
Photo by Lisa Fotio

The city of Rochester will recycle Christmas trees, and residents have options for environmental disposal of their tree.

Residents can leave the tree at the curb on refuse collection day or the tree can be dropped off at:

  • City of Rochester Materials Give Back Program Center on Ferrano Street near Colfax Street;
  • Cobbs Hill Park on Norris Drive;
  • Norton Village R-Center, 300 Waring Road;
  • Genesee Valley Park tennis courts, Genesee Street Extension; or
  • Ontario Beach Park on Estes Street.

Recycled trees are chipped and the resulting mulch is returned to the public for free through the City’s Materials Give Back Program Center, located on Ferrano Street near Colfax Street.

Tree recycling runs through January.