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City Wants to Hear From You Rochester, Seeks Input on Community’s Health and Wellness

In the Community: A City of Rochester News Release

Mayor Malik D. Evans joined Rochester City Councilmember Willie J. Lightfoot Sr. to urge city residents coping with health disparities to participate in the City’s Community Health and Wellness survey to help the City play a greater role in making sure all residents receive equitable health care.

Mayor Evans, Councilmember Lightfoot and Patricia Williams-McGahee are collaborating to establish a Total Health and Wellness Initiative, which would include gathering information to define gaps in the health and wellness needs of Rochester’s underserved communities with the aim of bringing services into the neighborhoods that need them most. The Initiative is an implementation component of the joint City-County Commission on Race and Structural Equity (RASE).report, which recommends embedding services and agencies directly in neighborhoods.

“We’re collecting information from our residents who live in underserved areas so that we can bring health and wellness services to where they live,” said Mayor Evans. “City residents have unique needs and challenges and we need to know what they are so that we can be effective in our efforts to deliver equity.”

“The more data we have the better we can meet the community’s needs,” said Councilmember Lightfoot, who served on the RASE Commission. “We want to meet people where they are and encourage everyone to take the survey.”

Using information from the survey, the City will work with healthcare providers and non-profit community organizations to establish pop-up events at City R-Centers to deliver health care and other human services directly to residents in neighborhoods with histories of racial segregation and structural barriers to opportunity. Services will address the “social determinants of health,” outlined in the RASE report, including housing, mental health, medical care and food and nutrition and information.

The City initially launched the survey in July, but more information from a greater number of participants is required to develop the proposed pop-up health service delivery system.

The survey can be found at and hard copies are available at the following City R-Centers:

  • Avenue D (200 Avenue D)
  • Carter Street (500 Carter St.)
  • Willie W. Lightfoot (271 Flint St.)
  • Frederick Douglass (999 South Ave.)
  • David F. Gantt (700 North St.)
  • Edgerton (41 Backus St.)
  • Trenton and Pamela Jackson (485 N. Clinton Ave.)
  • Thomas P. Ryan (530 Webster Ave.)
  • Tyshaun Cauldwell (524 Campbell St.)