Saturday 28 January 2023
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City’s IT Department to Submit Documents in Independent Investigation into Prude Death

Patti Singer

Rochester City Hall. File photo

The city’s Information Technology Department has been asked to provide documents related to City Council’s independent investigation of the Daniel Prude matter.

The IT department on Oct. 1 received a subpoena to produce books papers or other evidence. The subpoena seeks documents were sent to or from the mayor’s office, including Mayor Lovely Warren, Deputy Mayor James Smith, former chief of staff Alex Yudelson; corporation counsels Tim Curtin and Stephanie Prince; attorney Patrick Beath; two members of the communications department; former police chief La’Ron Singletary and his command staff; two RPD public information officers; the RPD officers and investigators on the Daniel Prude case.

Smith also received a subpoena.

The search terms of the documents include the terms Prude; overdose; Jefferson Avenue; PCP; restraint; homicide; mental hygiene arrest; and resisting arrest.

The office of the mayor, City Council, the police department and law department already were issued subpoenas.

The independent investigation is focusing on whether any city official suppressed information about the death. The investigation is being conducted by Andrew Celli Jr. and the firm of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff Abady Ward & Maazel. The same firm represents City Council in its appeal of a ruling in the case of the Police Accountability Board.

City Council set up a two-member Independent Investigation Special Committee of Malik D. Evans and Michael A. Patterson. On Sept. 29, they wrote a letter to Celli that acknowledged his full independence.

Here is the letter:

“Dear Mr. Celli,

As you know, City Council President Loretta Scott has appointed a special committee to serve as an intermediary between the full City Council and your firm in the course of your independent investigation into the death of Daniel Prude. As has already been made publicly clear, it is the desire of Council that your work be done independently and that even the special committee not be privy to the information that you are collecting until your investigation is complete. This is necessary to maintain the complete independence of your review. Therefore, please be advised that we do not wish to be present at any of the depositions taken by you by virtue of subpoenas already issued or to be issued by the Council President. We understand that you wish to take these depositions outside of public view, in order to ensure the integrity of the investigation. This will confirm that you are authorized to do so; you should feel free to schedule and conduct these depositions in the order and at the times that you deem best from the viewpoint of investigative necessity and administrative convenience.”