Saturday 26 November 2022
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Co-Parenting Strategies in Rochester You Need to Try

Are you finding yourself in a co-parenting situation and living in Rochester? Whether needing help with parenting a child, seeking their dental care, or dealing with a DUI that might affect your co-parenting, there is help and information for your specific situation.

Divorce or Annulment and Co-Parenting

Each year there are countless divorces and annulments and in 2020 alone there were almost 782,038 divorces and annulments in the United States. Many of these unfortunate relationships involved children that deserve both parents in their lives. Co-parenting is never an easy task, no matter what form it takes. Most people think of co-parenting as weekend and summer parental visits, but it can result in many different forms. One family’s situation can look totally different than the divorced family down the street. Here are just a few arrangements for co-parenting:

  1. Typical non-custodial parent with weekend or partial week visitation and often rotating holidays and summers.
  2. Half time parenting. This involves some arrangement of almost 50/ 50 split time parenting.
  3. Parents who live together but are not in a romantic relationship. This type of arrangement is rare but can involve a live-in parent who is not in a romantic relationship with a past partner.
  4. Living in close proximity, as in a joint duplex, apartment or condo.

Much of how the arrangement appears is related to how the court mandates co-parenting. However, both parents can have a huge say in how parenting takes place. This takes both parties to be civilized and put the needs of the child first.

Co-Parenting and Support

There are countless agencies and services in the Rochester area that help with the complexities and difficulties of co-those needing assistance or support. Whether seeking online help or in person, there are options. With the rise of virtual counseling and video conferencing, help can be obtained at your kitchen table! Some couples find themselves in need of legal assistance to smooth out issues and ensure court mandates are fulfilled. Some local lawyers and paralegals are more than happy to assist with making the co-parenting process not only legal but as comfortable as possible for both parents and the children involved.

You may even seek out family therapy. This is a good outlet for your child and for the adults in the situation. Find some family therapists local to Rochester that have experience with family structures like yours.

Medical Issues and Co-parenting

Parents often find themselves dealing with medical and dental issues with children. Co-parenting throws another ‘wrench’ into the issues with both parents having to decide who handles medical and dental problems and visits. Every year, close to 38 million children visit emergency rooms for everything from mild colds to life-threatening emergencies. In addition, there are the routine doctor and dental visits to take into account. Children need regular doctor check-ups on a yearly basis as well as regular dental checkups every six months.

When medical decisions are concerned, you need to be communicative with your partner. If you have joint custody all decisions need to be made equally. This is especially important if your child ends up in the hospital and needs emergent care. With the legal limit of BAC (blood alcohol content) being .08% while driving, there’s a chance of your child being involved in a drunk driving accident. Be sure to at least be comfortable putting your child’s health first in your co-parenting strategy.

Don’t let your parenting fall by the wayside because you and your partner no longer get along. Find a counselor in Rochester to help you through these difficult times. Use these tips to learn how to best co-parent your child.