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Colleges and Universities Hold Protests in Support of Students at University of Missouri

By Staff


POC IC Event

Photo from People of Color at Ithaca College’s “Solidarity Walk Out” Facebook event.

Students at several U.S. colleges and universities plan to hold walk-outs and protests this week, in support of students at the University of Missouri, after students at the school recently called for the president’s resignation following the mishandling of reports of racism on campus.

Former University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe stepped down from the postition Nov. 9, after several campus protests, and the school football team’s refusal to play if he decided to stay in the role.

The university would reportedly have lost $1 million in revenues if the team had failed to play.

Ithaca College, Yale, and Smith College have also planned and held marches and walk-outs this week, in support of the University of Missouri students and faculty who called for Wolfe’s resignation.

Students at Ithaca college have also called for the school’s president to resign, after his alleged mishandling of incidents regarding racial discrimination on its campus.

The student organization People of Color at Ithaca College planned a “Solidarity Walk Out,” Nov. 11.

“We will be walking out for all the injustices students of color face on this campus, and other colleges nationally,” the group said in an event on its Facebook page.

Reports of racial abuse have also been alleged at Yale, where a fraternity reportedly turned away black students from a Halloween party, stating the party allowed “white girls only.”

Smith College students, in Massachusetts, have also planned a walk-out, in support of University of Missouri students, Nov. 11.

Students at Smith said in a Facebook post they would be walking out “for all the injustices students of color face on this campus, and other colleges nationwide.”

According to reports, other college campuses have also decided to become proactive when it comes to addressing diversity on campus.

University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel tweeted the school scheduled a session to discuss diversity on its campus Nov. 10.

“I invite the @UMich community to be a part of our #Diversity dialogue,” Schlissel said in the Tweet. “Join our Community Assembly tmrw 9-11am @ Rackham. Listen & Be Heard.”