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Companies Are Changing to Appeal to Millennial College Graduates

ScOffice Photorealistic Renderhool is over and now it’s time to enter the real world of working 40 hours per week and 90,000 hours in a lifetime. More than a dozen Rochester-area colleges will release hundreds of recent grads into the job market, and competition for jobs may be a challenge for many of them.

This year, college graduates may have a better chance at landing a job within their field than others in previous years. This is because jobs prospects have improved due to more employers looking to hire young talent in the Rochester area.

In a job market where everything counts, The College at Brockport put forth efforts to help students look the part for the job interviews. The college’s Career Services office offers donated dress clothes for those needing to prepare for job interviews who may not have been able to afford proper interview attire otherwise.

With many companies changing their workplace infrastructures to appeal to Millennials, this year’s college grads may find that the jobs they are applying for have offices sporting more color and personality in their decor than ever before. They may even find themselves in the position of designing and producing multi-functional workplace furniture.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, in partnership with Bernhardt Design Company, offers a course in which students design modern workplace furniture themselves. This skill is then applied to the job market, helping them get jobs in creative fields and changing the way office spaces look.

Demand for these informal, unique furniture pieces has increased and is being requested by businesses of all types.

“Three to five years ago, we had a lot of requests for informal work spaces from creative organizations like advertising agencies and media firms that wanted to show their personalities,” said Sonya Dufner, a principal at Gensler, a commercial design and architecture firm with thousands of large corporate clients. “Now we’ve started to hear the same thing from law firms and financial-services clients.”

The pieces are created with the idea of the many ways people work in mind.

Taylor Cheng, a Chino Hill, CA native and furniture designer stated, “I wanted to combine the idea of people moving around with the idea of furniture, which is usually stationary. These pieces are modular and light enough to be relocated easily, so they allow people to work as individuals or to come together and work in groups.”

Graduates who lend their talents to such projects may fare better on the job market, too, according to experts.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that beginning the job search early and getting work experience can be a big help to recent grads.

“A degree alone won’t guarantee employment,” said Jeanie Burgen-Fitzgerald, president of the Pittsford-based ER Select, which offers recruitment and career advising.