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College Town’s Constantino’s Market to Close Feb. 13

By Staff


constantino'sConstantino’s Market in College Town will close its doors Feb. 13, less than one year after opening.

The market opened in April 2015, as a full service grocer in the Mt. Hope Ave. area; however, due to low profits, officials said the store has announced its intent to close.

“We’re not so bold as to think we know what’s exactly right for any particular community we develop in,” said Fairmount Properties and College Town developer Randy Ruttenberg. “Early on we included a market use within the merchandising plan, and secured Constantino’s, an existing operator within the Fairmount portfolio. Unfortunately, Constantino’s was ultimately not supported at a level that allowed them to be profitable.”

“Within our industry, there’s always going to be some attrition within any development,” he stated. “We have a deep responsibility to this community, and each of the tenants within College Town, to continue to drive maximum
traffic so that everyone can be successful.”

Fairmount built the development on property owned by The University of Rochester, and, according to Ruttenberg, the company and the university have already begun looking for possible new users for the Constantino’s space, some who may take the entire premises, and others portions of it.

“I’d like to personally thank the owners, and management of Constantino’s Market, for their early commitment to expand their business into Rochester, and I wish them much success in the future,” Joel Seligman, University of Rochester president, stated. “I would especially like to thank U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, and Action for a Better Community (ABC) for their support and partnership with Constantino’s Market.”

Constantino’s opened its location in College Town with a federal grant, and a loan managed by Action for a Better Communtiy.

Yet, despite Constantino’s closure, Fairmount said other College Town businesses such as The Hilton Garden Inn at College Town, and its restaurant, Grappa, have been continuing to exceed their expectations.

In addition, according to Ruttenberg, Bar 145 and Texas de Brazil are slated to open within the next two months, and CVS will be opening a new store at the corner of Mt. Hope and Crittenden in the fall.

Andrew Revy, of Constantino’s, said he wishes Fairmount well in its future endeavors with the project.

“Given our relationship with Fairmount, we were more than happy to open and operate a store to meet what we heard loud and clear was the demand for our category,” Revy stated. “Ultimately, that was simply not the case. We highly regard College Town, and were quite impressed with the uses, architecture and programming of this very well-done development. We wish the result could have been different, but wish all the success in the world to this project.”