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County Announces Extended Swimming Hours at Ontario Beach Park

By Staff –


ontariobeachMonroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo has announced hours for public swimming at Ontario Beach Park will be extended for tonight, Thursday, July 21, and tomorrow, Friday, July 22, due to high heat and humidity.

Lifeguards will remain on duty, and public swimming will be allowed to continue at he park for an extra hour, until 8 p.m. both days, as long as conditions, including adequate daylight and water quality, are favorable, the county stated.

“With the weather continuing to climb into elevated levels of heat and humidity, we are continuing our extended hours of public swimming at Ontario Beach Park for today and tomorrow, to better accommodate residents looking to escape the heat,” Dinolfo said. “On hot days like today, it is important to slow down, stay hydrated, apply sunscreen frequently, check on neighbors and find a place to cool-off.”

Normal hours for public swimming are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., daily, through Labor Day.

Swimming is only allowed when lifeguards are on duty.

A recorded telephone message is updated daily at (585) 753-5887, with information on beach conditions, and whether or not swimming is permitted.

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