Thursday 1 December 2022
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Critical Response Training Provided to Monroe County Staff in Partnership with ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute at RIT

Staff Report

Photo by FLY:D on Unsplash

Online criminal activity is increasing across the globe.  Key Monroe County staff, emergency services and public safety agencies were provided with hands-on training in cyber awareness, threat mitigation and response through the partnership of Monroe County with ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute.

“With local governments increasingly forced to cope with threats and damage caused by online criminal activity, it’s critical Monroe County does all it can to reduce the risk of such attacks and prepare for worst case scenarios,” Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said. 

The partnership with ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute included an immersive cybersecurity live crisis and problem-solving exercises last week at ESL CGI Cyber Range and Training Center.

Participants of the training included staff from Monroe Community Hospital, the Monroe County Board of Elections, the Monroe County Clerk’s Office, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, along with the county’s Office of Emergency Management, Information Services, Communications, Environment Services, Human Resources, Finance departments and Executive teams.

“With the ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology right in our backyard, it makes sense to turn to these experts for world-class training,” said Bello.  “In fact, we may be the only county in the nation that has partnered with a university-based cyber institute for this kind of training.  Thank you to RIT and institute staff for giving us the opportunity to help make Monroe County more secure.”