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Cuomo Proposes $145 Billion Budget in State of the State Address

By Staff


cuomo-syr-300x228Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered his $145 billion 2016-17 state budget proposal and State of the State address in Albany, Jan. 13, one day after President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Gov. Cuomo laid out much of his spending plan during a two-week tour throughout the state, prior to Wednesday’s address.

The plan included a $300 million tax cut for small businesses; a freeze on New York State Thruway toll prices until 2020; a push to increase the state’s minimum wage to $15 per hour, which would be the highest in the country; and $100 billion in capital projects throughout the state.

Cuomo also proposed an additional $1 billion in aid to schools this year, with a total of $2.1 billion to be paid over two years. He also proposed returning $434 million to schools, which they lost during budget cuts in 2009.

In addition, much to the chagrin of lawmakers, Cuomo has proposed limiting state legislators income to 15 percent of their salary from the legislature, as part of his proposal for ethics reform.

Here are additional highlights from his proposed spending plan:

  • $26 billion to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority;
  • $22 billion for upstate roads and bridges;
  • the creation of a $5 billion Clean Energy Fund over 10 years;
  • $20 million to consolidate counties and local governments;
  • $100 million for an Upstate New York downtown revitalization program;
  • and $125 million in order to fund state parks.

According to Cuomo, the budget will remain under his 2 percent spending cap, at 1.7 percent, which is a standard he’s met for the past five years.

Cuomo and state lawmakers will have until April 1 to negotiate a budget.

View the governor’s budget proposal at