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Cuomo Again Calls for More Strict Gun Control Laws

By Staff

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo called into The Brian Lehrer show on WNYC, Oct. 6, to again push for more strict gun control laws.

Gov. Cuomo said Democrats should push for tougher national gun control laws, in the same manner Republicans have pushed for tax cuts, notwithstanding a government shutdown.

“Republicans are very good at making their priorities known,” Cuomo stated. “And, they’re basically saying, if we don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then we’ll shut down the government. The Democrats should say: ‘our top priority is gun control,’ and they should put it up at the top of the agenda, and threaten the Republicans right back if they don’t act on gun control.”

The governor went on to say he had been proud of implementing New York state’s SAFE Act, the state’s 2013 gun-control law, and that Democrats in Congress should “put a real gun control bill on the table.”

“I passed the toughest law,” Cuomo said. “I closed the front door on the state. That’s what our law does. The back door is open because of the federal government. And, people are getting in the car, and driving to Virginia and driving to South Carolina, and they’re bringing guns in. That’s why we need federal actions. By definition, this is an issue a state can’t do on its own. They’re so worried about the border with Mexico, worry about my state borders. I’m not worried about Mexicans coming over my border. I’m worried about assault weapons coming over my border. If you want to protect borders, start by protecting borders of states.”

The governor made the comments in the wake of a mass shooting in Oregon last week, as well as the shooting death of Carey Gabay,  an aide in his administration, in September.

“It’s been so bad for so long, the American people are almost numb,” Cuomo stated. “I think they are so disgusted with the gridlock in Washington that they don’t even bother to ask the government to do anything anymore, because it’s been too incompetent for so long. Eighty thousand deaths since Sandy Hook; I mean it’s really unbelievable.”

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