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Cuomo Stifles New York’s Voices

By Andrew Johns, from the Larry Sharpe for Governor Campaign –

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for governor

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for governor

Celebrating voting rights is a celebration of America itself. While inflated taxation, housing hostile soldiers, and abusive treatment from the British had been endured for decades, ultimately what drove the founders of the nation to revolt was their inability to represent themselves through the vote. Of all the evils that the world faces today, it remains a sobering reminder that the greatest and most anti-American of evils is the wickedness of robbing a suffering people of its voice. Two-hundred and forty-two years after the people stood up to King George, a new tyrant sought to strip citizens of their right to vote.

Andrew Cuomo barely made headlines on January 30th, when he announced a surprising round of special elections scheduled for April 24th. After all, what does the date matter as long as the people’s will is represented through their vote? However, even cursory research informs those curious enough that the interim tasks are delegated to the representatives, senators, and locally elected judges rather than the people of New York. It is especially suspicious that New York would see an extremely inconvenient special election just a few months shy of a normal election.

Four years ago, Cuomo declined a special election, in spite of having twelve vacancies, correctly noting that in a special election the voters are forbidden from selecting their candidates. Instead, the candidates are selected by Washington and forced upon New Yorkers. The GOP and the DNC, the same people that insisted Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the best America had to offer, will now be entrusted to fill New York’s seats with similar candidates.

If Cuomo realized how despicable a special election would have been back then, what has changed?

The timing could not be better for the dubious governor, who is already infamous across the nation for his corruption. After pushing for an unpopular budget that was highlighted by taking $750 million from nonprofit healthcare insurance providers, $300 million from local business owners and $318 million from New Yorkers that shop online, Cuomo suffered a huge dip in popularity. New York representatives, in step with their constituents, realized these burdens were beyond unacceptable. As it stands, attempting to implement these taxes and fees on the low and middle class would be met with rejection by all New York elected officials, whether Republican or Democrat.

Through his misguided attempt to deprive New Yorkers of their voices, he seeks to fill the vacant seats of the legislature with representatives from outside of New York who will hold little to no accountability to the people. These carefully chosen candidates will dutifully fulfill their responsibilities to the governor of New York, which happens to be Andrew Cuomo, for now. The incumbent governor is trying to build a friendly environment for pushing taxes upon a state that already has the highest tax rate in the country. In his vision, New York voters will have sideline seats as they watch their home infiltrated by politicians from D.C.

The time has come for New York to make a change, and it starts with electing a governor who understands it is the people who need a friendly environment, not the politicians. Larry Sharpe, the leading challenger for Governor of New York in 2018, will seek to lessen the tax burden on New Yorkers, limit unnecessary regulations, and give the power to build the state’s future back to the people of New York.

“I am going to unleash the individual New Yorker, who loves their state and wants to bring value to their community,” said Sharpe, an entrepreneur and leadership consultant. “I do not want more stifling regulation; as Governor, I want to train, teach, and motivate the people of New York, so they become empowered to be innovators in their own communities.”

New Yorkers across the state are feeling the burden of Cuomo’s tenure, and some believe his re-election imminent because of his party affiliation in a historically blue state. But the people of the Empire State can rise up against this bleak future in which their voices are silenced, by supporting a candidate who believes in the rules of democracy, the will of the people and the importance of the individual in rebuilding the state.

For those who wish to preserve their voice in New York’s future, please learn more about Larry Sharpe, by visiting or follow him on Facebook (LarrySharpe4Gov) and Twitter (@LarrySharpe).

(Larry Sharpe is a Libertarian candidate for governor.)

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