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D.A. Says No Charges for Officer Involved in Robinson Shooting

By Staff


Ismael Ozanne

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne has announced Madison Police Department Officer Matt Kenny will not face charges in the March shooting death of 19-year-old, biracial teen Tony Robinson.

“I conclude that this tragic, and unfortunate death was the result of a lawful use of deadly police force, and that no charges should be brought against Officer Kenny in the death of Tony Robinson Jr.,” Ozanne stated.

“My decision will not end the racial disparities that exist in the justice system, in our justice system,” he said. “My decision is not based on emotion. Rather, this decision is based on the facts as they have been investigated, and reported to me.”

Robinson had been fatally shot by the white officer, March 6, in Madison, Wis., an event which sparked days of non-violent protests in the city. His death followed several other national instances of killings of unarmed African-American men by police across the country.

According to officials, on the night of the shooting, Kenny had been called to an apartment after receiving reports that Robinson had been jumping in front of cars, and assaulting people. Then, after hearing a commotion, Kenny forced his way into the apartment, and had been attacked by Robinson, police said.

The officer reportedly responded by pulling out his gun, and shooting Robinson multiple times.

According to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal, Robinson’s family said he had taken hallucinogenic drugs that day, and had been behaving erratically. However, the family denied Robinson could have been a threat to Kenny when he was killed.

“I think a reasonable person can look at the situation, and say there is enough uncertainty that this is something that should go to trial,” Robinson’s uncle, Turin Carter, stated.

Reportedly, Robinson’s relatives have hired their own investigator, and plan to hold a news conference, and march to the state Capitol, following the announcement.