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Daycare Providers Ask County to Fix Child Care Subsidy Program

By Staff



Monroe County child care service providers and parents met at the United Auto Workers Union headquarters July 7, reportedly to ask the county for additional funding, and more efficient processing of payments, through its child care subsidy program.

Program organizers said they invited Monroe County Human Services Commissioner Kelly Reed and Deputy Commissioner Nancy Forgue to the meeting to address attendees’ concerns. However, shortly before the event, Reed and Forgue canceled their appearances.

Sandy Frankel, Democratic candidate for Monroe County Executive, has released the following statement, in part, regarding Reed and Forgue’s non-attendance:

​“Top officials in Monroe County dropped the ball yet again, when Human Services Commissioner Kelly Reed and Deputy Commissioner Nancy Forgue scrapped a meeting with concerned parents and childcare providers to discuss recent problems with the childcare subsidy program for low-­income families, just minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start. It is widely agreed that one of the most effective methods of disrupting the cycle of poverty is a strong investment in childcare subsidies for low-income families. Unfortunately, we are seeing just how dire the consequences of cutting nearly one million dollars in childcare subsidies from the county budget really are.”

The county reportedly cut $1.3 million in spending for low-income families in 2013.

In addition, according to the meeting’s attendees, in some instances, they’d gone months waiting for clients’ subsidy payments from the county.

“Republican cuts to childcare funding, and inexcusable delays in payments to childcare providers actually escalate poverty, rather than help solve it,” Frankel stated.

Monroe County has not immediately responded to a request for comment on the matter.