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Dearth of Black Media Ownership

Op/Ed By James Clingman


(james_clingmanTrice Edney Wire) – In war, one of the first things the enemy does is destroy his adversary’s ability to communicate within its ranks. Chaos likely ensues if a fighting force cannot communicate internally. Individual soldiers end up doing their own thing, left to their own devices; they make decisions based on their individual situations and in their individual interests. This allows the enemy to come in and pick them off one by one, using false information and propaganda (Tokyo Rose), instilling fear of being captured or killed, or by making the individual feel abandoned and left with no hope of victory.

If the ability to communicate is maintained within a fighting force, it strengthens the group and provides confidence, assurance, and cohesion. Considering our penchant for soundbites, 140-character chirps, and listening to great speeches but not analyzing them and taking appropriate action, communication among Black folks has largely been reduced to little more than noise. And it’s getting worse.

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