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Democratic Leaders Support Frankel; GOP Responds

By Staff
Sandy 2003 150dpiSandy Frankel, former Brighton town supervisor, has announced her candidacy for Monroe County Executive, with the support of local Democrats.

Frankel also ran in 2011, losing the race against incumbent county executive Maggie Brooks, whose three-term limit is up, by 14 percentage points.

She served in the position of town supervisor 20 years, and had been the first Democrat, and woman, elected to the office in the town’s 177-year history, according to officials from the Monroe County Democratic Committee (MCDC).

MCDC Chairman Dave Garretson stated, “Sandy’s effective leadership, and transparent style of government, transformed Brighton into one of the most desirable communities in the county, and one of the most fiscally-stable as well. She resolved a massive debt run up by the previous Republican administration, kept the average annual property taxes lower than inflation, and worked effectively with the business community. I support Sandy Frankel for Monroe County Executive, and look forward to this competitive race.”

In addition, New York State Assembly Member Harry Bronson and Democratic Minority Leader Carrie Andrews also considered running for the office, but instead have thrown their support behind Frankel.

“There is no question that it is time for a new direction in Monroe County, and that our community deserves a government that serves everyone’s interests,” said Andrews. “Sandy Frankel will bring experience, and needed change, to Monroe County government. I look forward to a robust debate of ideas about how to move our community forward during this election.”

Republicans have announced Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo will be the GOP candidate in the race, and, amidst Frankel’s accusations of corruption and scandal surrounding Brooks’ administration, Monroe County Republicans released the following statement regarding Frankel’s bid:

“The local Democrats lost their “Anybody But Frankel” campaign with today’s announcement. Their party is stuck with Sandy Frankel, when Democrat after Democrat chose not to run, acknowledging that Cheryl Dinolfo is the best choice to serve as our community’s next county executive.”

“For months now, Cheryl Dinolfo has been sharing her vision for creating and retaining jobs, keeping property taxes flat, and ensuring Monroe County government is the most ethical, and transparent, in the nation. Monroe County voters support that vision, and will provide Cheryl Dinolfo a great victory on Election Day!”

In response, MCDC executive director Jamie Romeo stated,” If Cheryl Dinolfo has been sharing her vision for Monroe County Government for months, that’s news for the voters of this community. Other than telling us where we can get our passport picture taken, we have yet to hear anything new from the Republican candidate for county executive.

It is shameful that Cheryl has spent recent months ducking the tough questions, like why she waited until her campaign announcement to embrace Democratic proposals that would restore our county’s integrity, that have languished in a GOP-controlled Legislature. Dinolfo and Brooks are cut from the same cloth, and three months into her campaign, Cheryl remains silent on how her administration would be any different than Maggie Brooks.”

Democratic party committees reportedly will be endorsing candidates for county offices throughout the next few weeks, and will formally nominate their candidates May 21.