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Democratic Party Members Respond to Questions About Potential Vice Presidential Candidacy

Now that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and billionaire business mogel Donald Trump have essentially clinched the nominations for the Democratic and Republican presidential candidacy, respectively, both pundits and the public are deep in speculation about who their running mates may be.

In a recent interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Cory Booker continued to deflect, as much as possible, any questions about his potential vice presidential candidacy. Booker still has yet to give a definitive answer, but his refusal to address the issue directly does stand in stark contrast to the flat-out denials he was making just a few weeks ago.

“You should talk to the Clinton campaign,” Booker said on July 3 on “State of the Union,” a Sunday morning TV series hosted by Jake Tapper.

“On the Democratic side, there are many fabulous candidates,” Booker said. “People that could be really strong vice presidential candidates.”

During the CNN appearance, however, Keilar wasn’t going to let Booker off that easily. “That is not a no, sir,” Keilar said, later adding, “That is not a no. I think I may have gotten the answer that I need from that, actually.”

The Huffington Post reports that Booker appeared on the program with Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, neither of whom offered much more than “[I’m] not going to speculate on that,” and “I love the job I get to do.”

Along with these three Democrats who appeared on the program, four more potential candidates are believed to be under consideration by the Clinton campaign, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Rep. Xavier Beccera of California.

During the Sunday morning news program, Perez began discussing his foreign policy and Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is such a volatile individual,” Perez said. “What I have seen working with Secretary Clinton is that she is a steady hand.”

The dangers of ISIL, and the United States’ response to the terrorist group, are among the issues that candidates — presidential and vice-presidential alike, will have to address on the campaign trail. Along with the physical terror attacks and attempts on the United States, the federal government has seen approximately a 680% increase in cyber security breaches over the last six years. ISIL is continuing to increase its physical presence as well as its cyber terrorism.

“We’re continuing to confront the threat of foreign terrorism, ISIL and others,” Perez added. “We continue to see nations that are having, you know, dramatic challenges.”

Perez also stated that these terror acts could destabilize a democratic government and subsequently empower far-right political movements.

“The Trump train wreck is not simply a train wreck on trade or on the minimum wage or on immigration,” Perez continued,” it’s a train wreck for American values.”

Booker jumped in to pile on the Republican presidential candidate as well.

“This is a dangerous man,” said Booker. “It’s frankly frightening…what could happen if he was the commander in chief of this country and his finger had the codes to the nuclear weapons.”