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Dinolfo Announces Amendment to Strengthen Office of Public Integrity

By Staff


dinolfo2Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo has announced an amendment to her proposed legislation to create an Office of Public Integrity.

Dinolfo introduced legislation to create the new office, in order to examine county operations and review government functions last month.

“In one of my first acts as county executive, I submitted legislation creating the Office of Public Integrity because it plays a significant part in implementing my forward-looking integrity agenda,” Dinolfo stated. “I am a firm believer that good leaders listen. I have taken input from my colleagues in the legislature, and members of the community, in preparing this amendment that will ensure that we build a better community for all in Monroe County.”

The county said the new amendment would create further responsibilities, and capabilities, for the office, including the following:

  • Additional reporting to the Monroe County Legislature as the director deems necessary;
  • the authority to require any county employee to provide relevant information or statements to the Office of Public Integrity;
  • the office’s ability to subpoena witnesses or information from any private vendor doing business with the county, including LDCs;
  • the director serving the five-year term’s  prohibition from all political activities;
  • and increased protection for all whistleblowers.

Dinolfo said the amendment does not remove any original language from the local law submitted on Jan. 12, and the director of the new office would still have the ability to examine county operations independently, and the full authority to report his or her findings to law enforcement, if necessary.

The County Legislature is slated to provide bi-partisan oversight of the public integrity office, and will confirm the appointment of the office director, who will provide the Legislature a report of the office’s activities annually, or any additional reports that the director deems necessary.

“I am grateful for the strong partnership between county executive Cheryl Dinolfo and the Monroe County Legislature,” Legislature Majority Leader Brian Marianetti stated. “By working together, and listening to the needs and concerns of the community, we have created legislation to establish an Office of Public Integrity that will serve residents by providing greater oversight of county government.”