Saturday 4 February 2023
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Dinolfo Asks LDCs to Dissolve Themselves

By Staff


dinolfoMonroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo asked local development corporations Upstate Telecommunications Corporation (UTC) and Monroe Security & Safety Systems to dissolve themselves, Jan. 8.

The recently-elected Diniolfo said it was one of the first actions she would take upon entering the county office this month, in light of recent corruption charges attached to the LDC’s.

“Monroe County residents deserve a county government that is the most ethical and transparent in the nation,” Dinolfo stated. “From day one, I promised to implement a forward-looking integrity agenda, and the elimination of LDCs play a significant role in delivering on that promise. Until we have accomplished our goal, I will remain committed to this effort, because our families and residents deserve nothing less.”

Dinolfo sent letters to the LDC boards Wednesday, requesting the boards adopt a resolution to dissolve the corporations, and guarantee an efficient transition of all functions, assets and liabilities to the county.

“The boards were asked to consider and adopt the resolution in a timely manner so the effort can begin as soon as possible,” county officials stated.

County governments typically create LDCs to borrow money, and finance county infrastructure projects.

The two LDCs, created under former county executive Maggie Brooks’ administration, are currently involved in a corruption and bid-rigging case that goes to court next month.

Read Dinolfo’s letters to the corporations at file:///C:/Users/New%20User/Downloads/M3S%20Dissolve%20Jan%202016.pdf and file:///C:/Users/New%20User/Downloads/UTC%20Dissolve%20Jan%202016.pdf