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Monroe County is offering money to eligible homeowners to make improvements that meet specific criteria. The county has reserved $20,000 in grants and loans to help homeowners cover the cost of improvements.

The money will be able to cover the following repairs: roof, foundation, windows, exterior paint or siding), major systems (plumbing, heating or electrical) and accessibility accommodations (ramps, lifts, doorways, bathrooms). Routine maintenance, remodeling, and cosmetic improvements are generally not eligible repairs.

Monroe County Home Improvement Program funding is available to residents in all suburban towns, with the exception of Greece and Irondequoit. Residents of those two towns, as well as the City of Rochester, should contact their respective municipal governments, who administer their own home repair programs.

Our Home Improvement Program helps families invest in their homes and invest in our community at the same time,” said Dinolfo. “Home repairs like this don’t just revitalize a residence – they also have a transformative effect on someone’s entire life. Our objective is always to support stronger families in Monroe County and that’s why we will continue to help homeowners unlock the potential of their homes and build brighter futures in the process.”

Grant funding is limited to income-eligible recipients. For more information program guidelines are available on the Monroe County website at

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the Community Development Office at 753-2000 for additional information.