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Donald Trump Continues to Show ‘Complete Disregard’ for Black Voters

trumpCivil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton accused Donald Trump of pandering to white voters earlier this week, even as the Republican nominee apparently attempted to address the population of black voters he desperately needs.

“If he cares about black voters, he certainly has shown a complete disregard and disrespect for addressing them and their issues,” Sharpton said during an interview with Politico on Wednesday.

“I don’t know what’s in his head, but I know where his body has been. And it’s been absent in terms of black concerns and black people and black audiences throughout his campaign,” he continued.

As a result of his consistently racist comments, Trump has had little success in securing black voters from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, Trump has accused rival Hillary Clinton of bigotry countless times. He did so once again in his Tuesday address, saying the Democratic nominee’s campaign has “taken advantage” of communities of color “and sees them only as votes.”

In truth, black voters have turned out to support Clinton in overwhelming numbers. In an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll conducted earlier this month, Trump garnered just 1% of African American support.

In addition, Trump’s message about increasing policing was more of an appeal to white Americans to prove that his campaign wasn’t prejudiced.

In the next 10 years, the United States police force is expected to increase by almost 42,000 people, regardless. The issue most are concerned with doesn’t have anything to do with police numbers, but rather the way they are policing.

The National Black Police Officers Association just finished their 44th annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland. This year’s theme and a common thread throughout the week-long conference was the urgent need to reengage with the communities that police serve.

“Among the topics we dealt with were that we should be involved in police-community relations, that we have to address issues of police force against citizens and (implement) police reform,” said Malik Aziz, NBPA national chair and executive director.

“Our role has never changed but it’s been downplayed by systemic processes in police departments. Now, Black police officers are in position on issues that have taken center stage,” he continued.

During the past three or so years, police forces have been put under an intense spotlight, especially in terms of how they’re engaging with and policing the communities they serve.

“A lot of officers see the Black community as the enemy. They need community outreach to connect with the conscious community. That’s what most cities are missing,” said Student Captain Andrew Muhammad.

Trump, on the other hand, is making no moves to engage with communities where black voters live.

“He’s not trying to talk to black voters because he would have to defend his business practices. If you are running as a business mogul, what black businesses have you subcontracted? Who have you done business with? Where are the blacks in the Trump Organization? He can’t answer those questions,” Sharpton said.