Saturday 26 November 2022
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Drive2Bbetter Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Campaign Relaunched

In the Community: From Adam J. Bello County Executive, Richard V. Tantalo, Director of Public Safety

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October is Pedestrian Safety Awareness month and the drive2Bbetter traffic safety community messaging campaign has recently been re-launched by Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Director of Public Safety Richard Tantalo in hopes of improving pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

“October is Pedestrian Safety Awareness month, but crashes and fatalities involving pedestrians and bicyclists are a year-round problem,” said Bello.

“Motor vehicle drivers must be vigilant even in the fall and winter months as bikers and walkers need more road space due to leaf and snow buildup.”

On average, there have been 495 motor vehicle crashes in Monroe County involving a pedestrian
or bicyclist each year for the past five years, and in 2021 those crashes resulted in 14 deaths.
Most crashes happened in the City of Rochester, but data shows this is also an issue in suburban
and rural areas.

Bello said these new initiatives will help to educate our community about changing behaviors in order to make our roadways safer for everyone who uses them.

Due to the high number of pedestrian crashes, Monroe County is designated a Pedestrian Safety
Action Plan focus community by New York State.

The drive2Bbetter traffic safety campaign launched in 2018, became inactive in mid-2021 due to
funding challenges. The county is reactivating the campaign as an expansion of other Office of
Traffic Safety pedestrian and bicyclist safety initiatives. Additionally, the Governor’s Traffic Safety
Committee recently increased grant funding for seven local police agencies with the aim of
increasing community education and traffic enforcement — the drive2Bbetter campaign helps
strengthen those efforts.

Drive2Bbetter focuses on improving driver behavior by highlighting drivers’ need to slow down,
scan for pedestrians and allow bicyclists at least three-feet of space on the road. Messaging will
appear in various advertising forms in the coming months, and the county invites community
members to help spread the word through their networks.

Make the pledge today!

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