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East High Goes on Lockdown During Fight

By Staff


east againSeveral East High School students began fighting during a fire drill Thursday, causing officials to place the school on lockdown, the Rochester City School District stated.

Witnesses at the school said students began throwing things during the fire drill, then several female students began fighting. A number of Rochester Police Department officers responded to the scene, and at least one student was taken away by ambulance.

However,  upset parents reportedly said they only found out about the incident via Facebook, and had not been happy RCSD sent out a late robocall regarding the fights.

RCSD released the following statement regarding the matter:

“There was an altercation between students inside East High School today that was quickly addressed by adults in the building. After the situation appeared to be resolved, one of the students involved pulled a fire alarm, which emptied the building.”

“Multiple students became involved in fighting outside. School safety staff, and faculty, intervened immediately, and called police for assistance.”

“There were no serious injuries, and no weapons involved. Students returned to school, and were dismissed at the normal time. Families were notified via Robo Call, and appropriate disciplinary action is being taken against students involved in the fighting.”