Saturday 28 January 2023
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East High Releases First-Day Attendance Numbers

By Staff


eastEast High released the school’s attendance numbers for the first day,Tuesday, Sept. 8. Seventy-four percent of students in grades nine through 12 attended school the first day, compared to 78 percent of students last year, officials stated.

In addition, 91 percent of students attended the first day in grades six through eight, while overall attendance on the first day was 79 percent. District-wide, 74 percent of students attended school on the first day.

Ninth graders at the school had the lowest rate of attendance, at 62 percent, and, for students repeating the ninth grade, 43 percent.

“While the tone for the first day of school is exactly what we set out to achieve, we know the hard work is ahead of us, as demonstrated by the mixed results of our first-day attendance numbers,” said East Superintendent Shaun Nelms in a statement. “The data is a reminder of the critical need for additional support to East’s students who are struggling academically.”

This is the first school year the school is being led by the University of Rochester, which was approved by the state to take over the school in 2014.