Thursday 2 February 2023
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East Irondequoit School Board Should Engage Public

Op/Ed by Patrina Freeman
Patrina_FreemanLet me say very plainly, I disagree with taking a vote on any issue without giving those affected by the outcome, an opportunity to give their input. As a candidate for the upcoming school board election in East Irondequoit, one of the pillars of my platform is to increase the engagement between the parents and the School Board.

The East Irondequoit Central School District is one of the more diverse school districts in the area, and the teachers and administrators do a wonderful job handling cultural differences on a daily basis to the benefit of all. This leads me to believe that the Board is not attempting to avoid any opposing opinions, as witnessed in other districts regarding the Urban-Suburban Program.

However, it is my position that the School Board in East Irondequoit should allow the tax-paying residents to hear the reason for the vote, and allow the community ample time to give their input.

Patrina Freeman, School Board Candidate
East Irondequoit Central School District