Saturday 28 January 2023
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EEOC Finds Evidence Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore Made Discriminatory Statements

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Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore

Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has reportedly found evidence of bias and reasonable cause to believe that Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore made discriminatory statements to town employees on the basis of sex and race, as well as in reference to an employee with a disability.

The EEOC has received five complaints over the past four years regarding Moore’s discriminatory comments.

“Witness testimony verifies that the supervisor made the comment ‘this desk is heavier than ten dead n—ers’ while moving the Charging Party’s desk during her involuntary transfer,” the EEOC report said.

According to the commission, Moore also made sexual comments about women employees, and commented that one female worker looked like a man to another employee.

“Witness testimony also shows that Supervisor Moore engaged in inappropriate sexually charged name calling when he distinguished two women as ‘Big Marie’ and ‘Little Marie’ based on their breast size,” the findings said.

Moore, a Republican, had also come under fire in 2015, for making racist statements to a town employee, in which he referred to African-Americans as, “your city cousins.”

The town supervisor had allegedly been discussing the Affordable Care Act with employees inside the Department of Public Works, and made the following comments in an audio recording:

“You don’t know about cousins in the city? We get all kinds of them; they bus them out here, ok? This Obamacare, I think that’s how we’re going to pay for your cousins in the city.”

Afterward, video footage showed an African-American man walking toward the building, at which point Moore remarked, “Yeah, that’s one of your cousins.”

Another employee named Donald Youngman reportedly overheard Moore’s statements, then filed a complaint with the Henrietta Board of Ethics.

Following the incident, several local officials called for Moore’s resignation, and, in light of the EEOC’s most recent findings, several Democrats are again calling for the supervisor’s removal.

“Jack’s comments referring to blacks in our town as ‘city cousins’ were bad enough,” Democratic town zoning board member Rob Barley stated. “As an African-American, I felt compelled to meet with Jack when he made those statements to tell him it was wrong. He assured me that it was a one-time slip up, and it would not happen again. These most recent revelations show me that it was wrong to give him a second chance, and that it is now time for our town to make a positive change.”

Moore has denied the allegations in the EEOC report, and a Henrietta town attorney has released the following statement regarding the matter:

“The Town long ago denied the validity of any of the charges. Indeed, some of these claims are literally several years old. The EEOC determinations did not determine that discrimination took place. The determination means that the claims may go to the next phase, potentially to a lawsuit. In fact, we do not even know at this time if they will go to suit. If they do, the Town and the Town Supervisor look forward to defending the claims before a neutral tribunal, and establishing that no unlawful discrimination took place. Because of the threat of litigation, as per standard policy and procedure, I have advised the Town Supervisor and Town Board to refrain from any further comment with respect to this matter.”

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