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Enough is Enough Holds Rally to Support Victims of Police Brutality

By Staff –


warr rallyEnough is Enough Rochester, along with supporters of Benny Warr, a man the group said was physically brutalized by city police officers in 2013, held a rally and march to stand in solidarity with victims of police brutality recently.

“Warr’s case was an egregious example of police brutality,” event organizers said in a statement. “The legal struggle to hold the officers accountable highlights the broken complaint system in Rochester. Warr filed a complaint through the city, and his case was reviewed by the Civilian Review Board. Despite there being video evidence showing the officers attacking Warr without any provocation, the Civilian Review Board sided with the police. Warr is seeking damages through a federal civil rights lawsuit.”

According to the rally’s organizers, supporters of the event also hoped the rally would help advocate for the city to create a new police accountability board with the following essential powers:

  1. Independent investigative authority as an agency of city government independent from the RPD;
  2. Subpoena power to compel the production of evidence and witnesses;
  3. The authority to conduct misconduct hearings;
  4. Disciplinary authority; and
  5. The power to evaluate systemic patterns, practices, policies, and procedures of the RPD to recommend changes and prevent misconduct.

“We are hopeful that City Council will establish a PAB with all of the powers enumerated above, because justice requires accountability, and accountability requires independence,” officials from organization stated.

Visit to view video from the rally, or click on the image below.

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