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Face to the Name: Miriam M. Moore-Burt, YWCA Director of New Business Development

moore-burt-headshotProfessional Background:

With over 15 years of experience in media sales and marketing, Miriam Moore-Burt began her career as a Sales Associate at Katz Media Group in New York, N.Y.

However, after experiencing the horrific terror attacks of September 11, 2001—Moore-Burt returned to her hometown of Rochester, New York.

Moving to the other side of media buying, she joined the National Sales team at WUHF, Fox Rochester.

Then, after gaining a host of experience in the field of buying time—Miriam went on to the business of buying space by becoming a member of the retail advertising team at the Democrat and Chronicle.

During her first three months at the D&C, Moore-Burt took the opportunity to explore uncharted grounds.

Then-publisher Dave Hunke recognized a void in the retail advertising map, and created a newly formed position for her, naming her the Urban Advertising Executive.

Building relationships with businesses located in the inner city, Moore-Burt created a viable plan for new advertisers to be offered at an entry rate, and the rare opportunity to have high visibility in the city’s number-one read newspaper. She also went on to be responsible for large territories such as Canandaigua, Greece, and Henrietta.

Subsequently, Miriam was recruited by the leadership team at Gatehouse Media, following nearly seven years with the Democrat and Chronicle, to take on the role of the National Advertising Executive with Messenger Post Media, managing accounts such as, Lord & Taylor, Bed Bath & Beyond and Wegmans.

She also served as the Chief Development Officer of the Settlement Houses of Rochester for a short period of time, where she was charged with streamlining the development efforts for the three largest settlement houses in Rochester.

In Miriam’s recent role as Director of New Business Development at the YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County, Moore-Burt heads the organization’s Racial Equity Programs.

Miriam and her team are responsible for engaging the market around the conversation of racism, and unconscious biases.

In an effort to grow the programs which are currently being offered by the YWCA, Miriam has also developed a series of on-site workshops suitable for college campuses, corporate settings and non-profit organizations.

The YWCA Racial Equity Programs have an underlying concept of promoting inclusiveness, and encouraging organizations to look at their processes and procedures through an equitable lens.

As a result, Miriam challenges organizational leaders to understand that they must own a piece of the solution, as implicit and explicit biases continue to penetrate the workplace, which furthermore affects the climate of the organization.

Personal Background:

Miriam Moore-Burt is married to her husband, Derrick, and she is the mother of two girls, Ericka (18) and Halle (8).

She also has a Master’s of Science degree in Strategic Leadership from Roberts Wesleyan College.

In addition, Miriam said she is a lover of the arts, and enjoys catching live shows at GEVA theatre in downtown Rochester.

She also enjoys curling up with a good book at home.

John Maxwell is Miriam’s favorite author, as his books provide a perfect marriage of theory and practical and can easily be applied to any business setting, she stated.

According to Miriam, her favorite quote, by Langston Hughes, is: “Hold Fast to Dreams, for if Dreams Die, Life is Like a Broken Winged Bird Who Cannot Fly.”

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