Friday 30 September 2022
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Update: Protesters March in Search of Answers Following India Cummings’ Death in Erie County

By Staff


India Cummings

India Cummings

(Update, May 26) – About 50 protesters marched in downtown Rochester May 26, in order to demand answers to questions surrounding India Cummings’ death in Erie County, in February.  

The 27-year-old Rochester native died soon after being released from Erie County Jail, after relocating to Lackawanna just three months prior to her arrest. 

The New York State Commission of Correction is currently investigating the matter.

Police said protesters blocked traffic from going in and out of the RTS Transit Center for about 20 minutes at around 4 p.m. Thursday, in response to Cummings’ death. 

No arrests were made during the protest. 

(From March 4) – The family of Rochester native India Cummings is seeking answers from Erie County authorities, after Cummings, who relocated to Lackawanna three months ago, died soon after being released from an Erie County Holding cell.

Cummings, 27, was arrested Feb. 1, for erratic behavior, and attempting to steal a car, according to police.

A little over two weeks later, she had been released from jail, and was transported to Buffalo General Medical Center with broken ribs, a broken arm, and irreversible brain damage.

Tawana Wyatt, Cumming’s mother, told News10NBC she believes her daughter suffered some sort of medical breakdown while in police custody. Prior to her daughter’s death, Wyatt said her behavior had been out of the ordinary, and, at one point, Cumming’s had been banging her head against a wall inside the jail.

“My thing is, if you saw this type of thing going on, why wouldn’t you think there’s additional medical treatment needed?” she stated.

The family’s attorney, Matthew Albert, also said the holding center was guilty of neglect.

“The inmates she was housed with, of all different races, different creeds, they were horrified by what took place,” Albert stated. “They knew from the time India went in there on Feb. 1, she needed help.”

The New York State Commission of Correction is currently investigating the matter.

“An investigation into the death of India Cummings is underway,” the commission said in a statement.”While technically not an ‘in-custody death,’ the state Commission of Correction, and its Medical Review Board, still have the legal authority to investigate, and report on, the circumstances of the incident.”

Cumming’s family and community members held a rally in Buffalo, March 3, in protest of the events that led up to India’s death.

Reportedly, the Erie County Sheriff’s Office has declined to comment on the matter, due to pending litigation.

Cumming’s family has set up a GoFundMe page on her behalf at

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