Saturday 28 January 2023
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Ferguson: Insufficient Justice

ayesha_kreutzAfter seeing what happened with the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Mo., I have some observations and questions.

First: “I pray for the city of Ferguson, and I hope something good comes from this tragedy.”

Second: What has been happening to us as a culture?

Are we people, or animals?

Are we men, or slaves?

Are we standing for truth and righteousness, or for revenge and vendettas?

After the verdict of the OJ Simpson trial, we didn’t see white folks taking to the streets, rioting, or burning down their town.

What have we, as colored folks, been trying to convey to the world, by allowing outside groups to come in; then manipulate us, and burn down our stuff?

To be fair, we should acknowledge many of these riots have been initiated by subversive groups, with the ulterior motive of bringing chaos to the culture.

Nonetheless, too many of us have willingly been going along with these subversive groups.

And, in doing so, I am afraid of what we have been telling society as a whole, and teaching our youth; especially as it pertains to love, forgiveness, anger, and hatred.

Do we honestly want to validate the actions of a foolish young boy, who bum-rushed a cop, punched him in his face and tried to take his gun; then decided to go down in a blaze of “glory?”

As a culture, we have already had enough legitimate issues with which to deal.

Do we honestly want to complicate things, by continuing to defend this kind of aggression against another human being; a human being who just happened to be a police officer doing his job?

If we continue to make everything a race issue, we cannot wonder why, when real racism rears its head, no one will take us seriously.

Yes, racism still exists.

It is a spiritual matter which will always exist until, individually, we reconcile our hearts and flesh with Jesus; or, He returns.

Yes, slavery happened.

It was horrific.


Yes, there are bad cops out there who may need to be dealt with.

YES, shamefully, we see more, and more, of a militarized police force.

These have all been legitimate issues we’ve faced, but it hasn’t meant we haven’t had the responsibility to do the next right thing, or to teach the next right thing.

When a man tries to kill a cop, white or black, and the cop in turn kills the man, white or black; this is not racism.

A white cop is under no obligation to be willing to die simply because it’s a black man who wishes to kill him.

If it had been a big, white thug gone mad, and running up on the cop, no one would have said boo.

It would be likely we would not know Michael Brown, or Officer Wilson’s, names today.

Wouldn’t some of us better serve our community by saying: “Listen up, young folks. This is what can happen when you let anger, and bitterness, get the best of you. There is more in life than respect on the street. We know that not everyone gets dealt a good hand in life, but you can always turn your lives around. This is America, after all. Proof that one can always turn his life around is Michael Brown, himself. He had been scheduled to go to college soon. But, he chose wrong. He robbed a store, and tried to kill a cop. He’s not dead because America is racist. He’s dead because he made unwise choices.”

If he had actually had his hands in the air while saying, “Don’t shoot,” he’d still be alive.

But, that scenario has just been a lie perpetrated by subversive groups that wanted to use this kid’s death as a spark to fire up their revolution.

I keep hearing the saying: “I am Mike Brown.”


No, you are not.

Or, are we now trying to tell the world that the black community is all a bunch of angry robbers who hate to love, and love to assault police officers?


I thought that was a narrative we had been fighting.

Blacks, like everyone else, come in all different sizes, classes and political affiliations.

And, then, there is the “We want justice!” crowd.

You do?

Do we even know what justice is anymore?

Why have we not been just as outraged when black teens have died at the hands of other blacks?

Why no marches?

Or, what about the millions who have been killed by abortion, an industry which has specifically targeted blacks, and has been birthed out of the eugenics movement?

Have people just been saying “we want justice,” because it makes them feel better about justifying bad behavior?

It seems to me like people have wanted revenge for past wrongs which have been perpetrated by white people (some of whom have been dead for over a century), and are calling that justice.

In the Ferguson decision, the grand jury said: “Evidence to indict the officer is INSUFFICIENT.”

This had been after countless black eyewitnesses recounted Michael Brown’s aggressive behavior.

And, as the story unfolded more and more; we knew it, but too many chose to ignore it.

We want justice, and not to have a vendetta, right?

Justice, and not revenge, right?

If so, then wasn’t a man, defending his life against another man (who had been coming to try and kill him, mind you) justice?

Or, are we saying Michael Brown, who had already fought and wrestled for a cop’s gun, and was running full boar at the police officer, was going to stop just short of the cop to say, “psych,” and do a little happy dance?

We cannot foist upon this situation the wrongdoings of people in other situations.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

And, just because, in another case, a cop was BAD, it does not mean that in all cases this is so.

We have a duty to see through the noise, and talk about justice for all; not to place injustice on one person and pretend that brings justice to another.

That is how we will keep the circle of hate going.

Our goal should be to strive for personal nobility, and that means we must always try to do the next right thing.

It all starts and ends with OUR CHOICES.

That white cop did not force Michael Brown to make those unwise choices.

We must accept responsibility for our choices.

We can do that, can’t we?

We can show the same measure of grace and mercy God has shown us, to others.

Act in love, and not in fear.

Admit that rioting, burning down buildings, and causing pain (mostly to the very people we say we want to help), is not love.

It is an injustice, a disservice to the community, to pretend everything is a race issue, or that everything wrong has been caused by racism.

Pray for reconciliation and peace.

Let us shut the mouth of race baiters, and those who have been trying to capitalize on the pain of others; and, instead, lead those who have been blinded, and duped, into a place of acceptance of the truth.

Our black men have already become an endangered species.

Hopefully, this will wake some folks up.

Obey the law, and show some respect.

If we want to survive as a people, we have to look in the mirror, make some major adjustments to our attitudes, and learn to temper our emotions with actual facts!

Let us love ours neighbors as we love ourselves.

“Praise God the jury looked at the evidence instead of what the crowd “wanted,” so an innocent man will not go to jail, and justice has prevailed.”

You can read the documents of the trial Here: