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A Fiction-Writer Posing as a Columnist

Howard_EagleOp/Ed by Howard Eagle


This is addressed to a so-called “columnist” who not only seems to be helplessly obsessed with my writings and activities, but, apparently, is also a glutton for attention, and literary-punishment. So be it.

First, she needs to be clear regarding the fact that, the amount of concern I have about “getting ANY respect” from her, can be easily placed into a thimble, with LOTS of space left over. She, of all people, ought to know by now, as far as I’m concerned, “respect” is ALWAYS mutual. If not, from my perspective, it is nonexistent. There is no in-between, and, certainly, no lopsidedness.

Additionally, reading comprehension and/or ability to distinguish fact from fiction is apparently an issue at play. With regard to the latter point, I challenge the misguided columnist to point out a single “degrading remark made in a recent blog about Amy Pierson [that I] supported.”

Even though, by her own admission, she “knows [she has] a [literary] spanking coming” (based on her repeated, unsolicited, unprovoked, and unprincipled, vitriolic attacks against me); it absolutely defies an important behavioral characteristic she apparently expects us to believe she has, i.e., “common sense,” since she still chose to use her column to attack me.

Obviously, I am referring to common-sense-less, so-called-“columnist” Gloria Winston.

When the issue she wrote about was first raised by independent journalist Davy Vara, I explained to Winston I could give less than a darn about Amy Pierson, and/or anyone else’s “alleged sleeping habits,” and/or who she is allegedly “having an affair with.” In fact, I took the time to explain to her (twice) what my issue was, and is, regarding the situation.

Davy had written, with regard to the allegation, that, “Mrs. Pierson had been having an affair with Rochester Police Department Lieutenant Eric Paul — when the Tactical Unit [in which Mrs. Pierson’s Late husband worked] got wind of [the alleged affair]  they wanted to kick [Paul’s]  a _ s. Members of the RPD’s Tactical Unit are not only furious, they’re disgusted. The tension is so bad that according to a city official, Lt. Paul took a leave from work out of fear for his safety. Of course, Rochester Police Chief Michael Ciminelli has tried hard to keep this scandal quiet.”

Thus, I had written to the confused columnist (twice) previously, and explained my  concern regarding this issue, stating “Some specific, potentially, problematic results that we may need to be concerned about include the facts that, frequently, in situations such as this, individuals (in this case police officers) will take sides, which could inflame the situation even more; when people, including police officers, are unable to “kick [a particular] a _ s” that they may want to kick — sometimes they engage in what psychologists and sociologists refer to as ‘transference,’ especially if they are furious, and lastly, if the RPD Chief has to spend time and energy managing this type of situation — then we can be quite certain that it will surely take away from other important duties and responsibilities. So, perhaps, it’s a good thing that reportedly Lt. Paul has since decided to retire from the Rochester Police Department. Perhaps his doing so will put this issue to rest. Let’s hope so.”

As it relates to her inability to distinguish between fact and fiction, I do not have enough space here to elaborate, regarding the scores of conflated and distorted statements contained in Gloria Winston’s rambunctious article. However, some of the most glaring and outstanding ones are as follows:

As the confused, common-senseless, would-be journalist pointed out, I am definitely “vying for political office again.” One of the easiest things in the world to do is sit idly by, and spew vitriolic, rhetorical-venom, but I don’t recall her ever vying for ANYTHING. Yet, let her tell it, she has worked with every successful national, black leader known to mankind, including Jesse Jackson, the late Marion Barry, and others. Thus, one would think she would bring her purported, vast political experience, and expertise, to bear locally (via action, as opposed to endless, empty, rhetorical pontification and bashing).

But, if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Indeed, it’s easy for fairy-tale writers to lecture others concerning what “politicians have to be” like, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak – SHOW US.

She also claimed that “people have been running from” me. Yet, each time I have run for office, thousands have supported me at the ballot box. Where are her supporters? Again, let her tell it, her discombobulated column is one of the most widely read in all of Rochester. But then, it’s easy to make unsubstantiated, grandiose, delusional, fictional claims.

I have absolutely no reference point for understanding the portion of her diabolical diatribe regarding “people who [are] seeking Ph.D.s,” which is just more unsubstantiated fiction, masquerading as fact.

It is also crystal-clear that she continues to delude herself into actually believing she has some type of monopoly relative to supposedly “telling the truth.” How dangerous. She does NOT.

The worst kind of contradiction a so-called “serious” writer can display is an internal contradiction; that is, a contradiction which undermines her own premise. For example, she alluded to me as a “gate keeper.” Yet, she also claims I am “always in the middle of controversy.” Any idiot (in the traditional sense of the term) knows that “gatekeepers” are most concerned with strict maintenance of the status quo. The last place in the world you’re likely to find a “gate keeper” is in the middle of controversy. So, which is it?

Clearly, not only does the confused, fairy-tale columnist have deep-seated issues, and problems, relative to her ability to distinguish fact from fiction, but she also struggles with logic and reasoning.

Therefore, as it relates to the dire need for “hypocrites [to] go somewhere and sit down” – there is definitely a seat reserved for Gloria Winston. I can only hope and pray that she will take her seat soon.

You can read the original article by Gloria Winston Al-Sarag HERE