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Foodlink opens Remodeled Community Store on Jay St.

By Staff

foodlink_community_store Foodlink has unveiled a newly-remodeled community store, Stop One Meat Market, as part of its Community Store Initiative, which has been redesigned to focus on fresh, affordable and nutritious foods, organization officials stated.

According to officials, the market, located at 352 Jay St., has been awarded funding through a competitive grant process for remodeling.

“Foodlink is proud to revitalize our first community store, the Stop One Meat Market,” said Julia Tedesco, co-executive director of Foodlink. “With the help of many partners, we have renovated and refreshed Stop One, creating a healthy space with increased access to fresh foods and nutrition resources. We will continue to work with Stop One ownership to make sure that this store contributes to improved public health in the JOSANA neighborhood, which is a section of the city that has been identified as a high needs neighborhood.”

Officials said some of the store’s transformations have included:

  • Completion of SNAP and WIC certifications;
  • internal renovations;
  • the addition of new equipment;
  • and a strategic marketing campaign aimed at making residents aware of the increased availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in their neighborhood.

“As mayor, my goals are safe neighborhoods, better schools and more jobs,” said Mayor Lovely Warren. “Foodlink’s Community Store initiative supports all of those goals, because nutrition is a starting point for a successful lifestyle. People who eat fresh, healthy foods tend to perform better at work or school. I want to thank Foodlink for helping us give every Rochester citizen an opportunity to succeed, regardless of where they live.”

Citizens Bank Foundation, and the New York Healthy Food & Healthy Communities Fund, via the Low Income Investment Fund, funded the project.

In addition, officials said the redesign of another store, located at 479 Carter St., would be completed by spring.

The store’s hours of operation are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.